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Introducing Gamification


End user hompeage showing badges
Redesigned End User Hompeage - Desktop

Engagement rates for cyber security training are low industry wide. When users are sent learning content from the MyCompliance platform, they will receive an email notification with a link to log into the platform to complete. There were several problems with this:

  • Users could be suspicious of clicking a link in the email, even if it appeared to be genuine
  • Admins have the choice to stagger their emails, and choose the time that they send, which can increase suspicion if the email is sent outside of normal working hours
  • Users may open the email during a busy task and forget about it


End user hompeage showing badges
Previous end user homepage.
  • Make outstanding content easier to find - and make the user more compelled to complete.
  • Introduce some gamification to the platform to aid an increase in engagement.
  • Make course complettion certificates easier to find.
  • Allow the user to find and update their details more easily.
  • Update the visual language and design of the homepage to look more modern.


visitor booking module
visitor booking module
visitor booking module
Redesigned Homepage and both views of new Acheivements page
  • We introduced badges that can be earned by performing various actions as a soft introduction of a much broader strategy of embedding gamification on the platform to increase engagement.
  • Users could access and update their profile information more easily via a panel on the homepage.
  • Users could access and download or share their completion certificates from a panel on the homepage.
  • Standard red notification indicators on the homepage would alert users to outstanding content, and compel them to click on the button to complete the content.
  • We replaced the dated images with line illustrations in keeping with the new Design System.


This project is still in development so we have yet to measure success in terms of an increase in engagement, however initial user testing was incredilby positive.