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MyCompliance App

Engagement rates for cyber security training are low industry wide. When users are sent learning content from the MyCompliance platform, they will receive an email notification with a link to log into the platform to complete. There were several problems with this:

  • Users could be suspicious of clicking a link in the email, even if it appeared to be genuine
  • Admins have the choice to stagger their emails, and choose the time that they send, which can increase suspicion if the email is sent outside of normal working hours
  • Users may open the email during a busy task and forget about it


app problem definition
MyComplinace App Problem Definition

We used the following research methods to inform the design solution:

  • Audit of the current end user interface on the MyCompliance platform
  • User interviews
  • Analysis of Google Analytics data

We discovered that the were issues with usability, UX and accessibility that were negatively affecting completion rates of users assigned learning content, illustrated above. In addition, users expressed interest in having content more tailored to their preferences served to them, for example if they prefered learning by listening to podcasts they would be more liekly to complete.


visitor booking module
visitor booking module
visitor booking module
App Onboarding Screens
  • Make content easier to find
  • Make content easier to complete
  • Make notification more trustworthy
  • Collect data so that we may tailor content to user
  • Increase engagement

In addition to this we wanted to gather some information from the users so that we could serve them content that would better suit their roles and preferences in a bid to further improve engagement.


Onboarding Flow
Learning Consumption Flow


visitor booking module
visitor booking module
visitor booking module
MyCompliance App Screens

The app has just entered beta testing. We are initially testeing internally with 50 users, opening up to a pool of 40 external beta testers at the start of March 2023.