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G1 Menu Builder

The Problem

GolfNow aquired a company that had booking software for the spa industry so the current G1 platofrm was built upon this software. The current menu building workflow is convaluted and a long process so it was decided that this should be updated. When re-designing the EPOS section of G1, we decided that it would be best to go with a grid based layout, so the menu builder would be based around this.


  • Intuitive way to create product structure, more in line with a traditional food and beverage and pro shop set up.
  • Easy way to add additional products once the menu builder has been set up.
  • Ability to activate/inactivate products
  • Ability to create time sensitive and seasonal menus
  • Ability to create the structure of the grid based layout, with options to move products around the grid to allow the end users to develop better muscle memory.
  • Ability to customise the colour inidividual products and groups of products.
Legacy Point of Sale Builder
New Point of Sale Builder - Add Modifier

Research Methods

  • We kicked off this project with competitor analysis. As expected, all competitors were using a grid based system for their point of sale applications, and the majority of these allowed useres to choose colour and position of each product tile.
  • User Interviews - we interviewed staff using the existing list based POS to learn about the pain points of creating menus and adding products.


During the initial stages of this process, it was decided that the entire G1 platform would need to have both a visual and UX reefresh. They decided that seeing as the majority of the platform was very data table and form heavy that they would use Goolge Matreial Design as the design system/UI framework.

I used the Material Design stickersheet to create high fidelity wireframes of the functionalilty of the system. The visual style will be re-visited at a later date, and be more in keeping with the G1/GolfNow Brand

This project is at quite an early stage, and unfortunatley the progress has been slow due to difficulty getting user feedback dur to the global pandemic. It also depends on the progress of the related G1 EPOS redesign that is currently underway.

Additional Materials