The Problem

Redesigned Fusion Create Course Page

Admin users reported that the Fusion Course Creation tool was difficult to use. They had trouble when adding content to the course, and trouble knowing what content was available in which language. The quiz creation interface was not at all intuitive and a common cause of negative feedback.

There were a considerable number of support calls regarding the Fusion Course Creation tool, and Customer Experience Managers found that they spent a lot of time either guiding users through the creation process, or creating courses on behalf of users.


Symphony Dashboard
Previous Fusion Course Creation UI

We carried out remote user testing sessions, where we gave the users a series of tasks and noted the obstacles faced and frustrations exhibited:

  • The steps that the user needed to carry out in order, where not always laid out in order, so they had to go back to the start to correct a mistake.
  • There was no form validation or error states on the inputs, it was not clear where to go in order to correct the mistake.
  • When choosing content, the user had to choose from a dropdown list of titles. Many users were going to the MyCompliance Library, searching for and previewing the content there and then switching back to the Fusion Course Creation tool and adding the content from the dropdown. This was time consuming and not efficient.
  • Although the user could add languages at the top, and that choice refined the dropdown lists, they didn't have a visual representation of how the combination of languages chosen would effect the selection of content until they expanded through each of the dropdown.
  • Users found the quiz creation section quite confusing. They had to select a language in order to create questions, even if there was only one language selected. In addition, the UI was confusing, and users often 'got stuck' and didn't know how to proceed.


Symphony - Course Data Collection
Symphony - Course Data Collection


Fusion Course Creation - Wireframes
Fusion Course Creation - High Fildelity Mocks

In order to streamline the process we came up with the following solution:

  • A new landing page for Fusion. Many users didn't know that MetaCompliance supplies 12 Fusion templates, and their drafts and published courses were housed in a datatable sorted by date, so it was difficult to find what you were last working on. We split these three data types out into tabs, and displayed the mst recently worked on templates prominently.
  • We created a new full screen modal for selecting content. Using the full screen modal enabled the user to solely focus on choosing the correct content for their course. Content was displayed visually, and the user could preview directly from this window. The user could also see how much content was available to them with their selection of languages.
  • The quiz creation tool was simplified, allowing the user to easily add questions, answers and translations.


  • Significant decrease in support calls.
  • Customer Experience Managers reported that they did not have to spend much time training users on how to use the new tool, and that they found it very intuitive.
  • Completion times were significantly reduced.