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Proposed new screen in G1 EPOS

The Problem

The current G1 system was built upon a piece of software that was obtained in an aquisition. The point of sale section was a list based system that was not fit for purpose if being used in a busy food and beverage operaton. Adding a product and paying for it was laborious and time consuming, when the system was used in an environment when speed is incredibly important.

Subsequently training of new staff was an issue - the interface was not intuitive for servers, and unlike any system that they are likely to have used previously. The legacy system was also designed to be used with a keyboard and a mouse, which would significantly slow down a busy restaurant/bar service.

The new system would need to be touch friendly, and to be suitable for use in bar, restaurant and pro shop environments.

Legacy Point of Sale

Research Methods

  • We engaged our sales and implementation teams to provide us with common complaints and requested features.
  • User Interviews - we interviewed staff from several golf clubs in the US to see how they felt using the current system and listen to any suggestions and concerns that they had. We also spoke to users that were not using the G1 EPOS to see what system they used and what they liked/disliked about it and what features made their lives easier.
  • As someone who has previously worked in the hospitality industry, I was able to engage with contacts and conduct user interviews with people outside the golfing industry to see what software they were using. I was on occasion able to observe them using similar systems, having them talk me through the actions they were carrying out.
POS Wireframe


  • Highly intuitive and easy to use interface. Not only will this speed up service, but it will save time spent on training staff. This is especially important in an industry that depends on seasonal staff who are often young and inexperienced.
  • The ability to create custom sub-menus and grid layouts to allow staff to develop better muscle memory and easily identify products.
  • The ability to quickly pay for an order with commonly used payment methods.
  • The ability to quickly find less commonly used payment methods such as 'card on file'.
  • Abiltity to view/manage orders quickly.


  • The usual time/pace constraints of working with a very small team in a very fast paced environment.
  • This product is initially primarily for the US market, so at times a little difficult to set up user interviews and validate designs due to time differences and the global pandemic.
Updated Design Point of Sale


After conducting and reviewing our user interviews, we kicked off the design process with some brainstorming and initial whiteboarding.

From these brainstorming sessions, a grid based approach was decided on, and some wirframes weere created. When navigating through the wireframes, we refined some of the screen layouts and user flows. Several iterations later we created a higher fidelity prototype with which we would validate the design decisions.

The process was somewhat stalled due to the global pandemic - with limited staff in golf clubs and very limited food and beverage customers. In order to validate some of the workflows, I conducted a click counting process so I could be sure that the design at least satisfied the requirement that the workflows would be speedier!

Additional Materials

G1 EPOS Early Prototype